‘Multatuli’; Singel Canal, Amsterdam

‘Multatuli’; Singel Canal, Amsterdam

'Multatuli'; Singel Canal, Amsterdam
Front side of Multaluli sculpture in Amsterdam
Photo: Civic Arts Project

This bronze sculpture is sited on the Torensluis Bridge over the Singel Canal and celebrates Eduard Douwes Dekker, better known by his pen name ‘Multatuli’.

Location: 52.374664187533234,
City: Amsterdam
Province: North Holland
Country: Netherlands
Artist: Hans Bayens
Subject: Eduard Douwes Dekker
Features: Bronze Sculpture
Style: Impressionism
Independent Realism
Year Completed: 1987

Key Details:

Eduard Douwes Dekker, aka Multatuli, was a Dutch writer that lived between 1820 and 1887.  His most widely known work is the satirical novel Max Havelaar.  Published in 1860, this work focused on the life of its title character, Max Havelaar, who fights against government corruption in the Dutch colony of Java in the East Indies.  The novel became a key driver of colonial policy in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The sculptor, Hans Bayens, is a Dutch artist that works in both sculpture and paint.  His work is generally considered to fall into the realm of Impressionism or Independent Realism.

Close up of Multaluli sculpture in Amsterdam
Photo: Civic Arts Project
Context view of plaza over Singel Canal and Multatuli sculpture
Photo: Civic Arts Project
Rear view of Multatuli sculpture over Singel Canal
Photo: Civic Arts Project

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