Muhammad Ali Center; Downtown Louisville

Muhammad Ali Center; Downtown Louisville

Photo: Civic Arts Project
Photo: Civic Arts Project
Latitude: 38.258237
Longitude: -85.7602244
District: West Main District
Neighborhood: Downtown
City: Louisville
State: Kentucky
Country: USA
Type: Museum
Subjects: Muhammad Ali
Architect: Beyer Blinder Belle
Features: Metal Facade
Water Feature
Year Completed: 2005

This large museum was built to honor Louisville native Muhammad Ali and his values.  The museum is sited prominently on the Downtown riverfront and includes a large plaza and amphitheater.

Key Details:

The center features many permanent and temporary displays, many of which are interactive.  The entire museum is centered around his core values: confidence, conviction, dedications, giving, respect and spirituality.  These values have led him to be the best athlete he could be and to become a global symbol of personal strength and conviction.


Belief  in oneself, one’s abilities, and one’s future.


A firm belief that gives one the courage to stand behind that belief, despite pressure to do otherwise.


The act of devoting all of one’s energy, effort, and abilities to a certain task.


To present voluntarily without expecting something in return.


Esteem for, or a sense of the worth or excellence of, oneself and others.


A sense of awe, reverence, and inner peace inspired by a connection to all of creation and/or that which is greater than oneself.


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