‘Dippy’; Oakland, Pittsburgh

‘Dippy’; Oakland, Pittsburgh

Photo: Civic Arts Project
Latitude: 40.44354228542185
Longitude: -79.95148748159409
Area: Central Oakland
Neighborhood: Oakland
City: Pittsburgh
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Subjects: Diplodocus carnegii
Andrew Carnegie
Artist: Unknown
Curator: Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Features: Fiberglass Sculpture
Year Completed: 1999
Listing: National Register of Historic Places
Name: Schenley Farms Historic District
Alternative Name: Schenley Farms-Oakland Civic District
Register No.: 83002213

This life-size large fiberglass dinosaur in front of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History celebrates the 100th anniversary of the discovery of ‘Dippy’, a nearly intact fossil skeleton of a Diplodocus carnegii.

Key Details:

The story of the discovery of a Brontosaurus skeleton became major news in 1898 and was covered enthusiastically in the New York World.  Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish-American Pittsburgh steel magnate and philanthropist, read the story and immediately was interested in having such a find in his new museum of natural history.  He financed an expedition to Wyoming and by almost shear luck, one member of the expedition stumbled upon the immense toe bone on July 4, 1899.  The team worked to excavate the find and discovered an exceptionally well preserved full skeleton of a Diplodocus.  It was given the nickname the “Star-spangled Dinosaur” by members of the expedition.  The dinosaur skeleton was shipped back to Pittsburgh from Wyoming and was so large that it required its own boxcar!

‘Dippy’ made its debut in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in 1907.  It was originally and remains the centerpiece of Dinosaur Hall.  Several copies of ‘Dippy’ have been made and are on display across the globe including majors museums in London, Frankfurt, Madrid and Chicago.



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