‘Spirit Of Ninety Eight’; Downtown Columbus

‘Spirit Of Ninety Eight’; Downtown Columbus

Photo: Civic Arts Project
Photo: Civic Arts Project
Latitude: 39.961012245803126
Longitude: -82.99949616193771
Neighborhood: Capitol Square
District: Downtown
City: Columbus
State: Ohio
Country: USA
Subjects: Spanish American War
Artist: Il Jirush
Features: Bronze
Bronze Sculpture
Year Completed: 1928

This bronze sculpture is one of two which grace the west entrance of the Ohio Statehouse and commemorates the Ohio soldiers who participated in the Spanish American War of 1898.

Key Details:

The Spanish American War was a conflict fought between Spain and the United States originally stemming from American intervention in the Cuban War of Independence.  The war was fought over a little more than three months in two theaters, Cuba and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and the Philippines and Guam in the Western Pacific.  The result was the Treaty of Paris in which Spain conceded Cuba its sovereignty and ceded the territories of Guam, The Philippines and Puerto Rico over to the United States.  The results of this war helped to first establish the United States as a global power.



Photo: Civic Arts Project
Photo: Civic Arts Project


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