Ohio Veterans Plaza; Downtown Columbus

Ohio Veterans Plaza; Downtown Columbus

Photo: Civic Arts Project
Photo: Civic Arts Project
Latitude: 39.961431640776645
Longitude: -82.99806118011475
Neighborhood: Capitol Square
District: Downtown
City: Columbus
State: Ohio
Country: USA
Subjects: World War II
Korean War
Vietnam War
Iraq War
War in Afghanistan
Architect: Schooley Caldwell Associates
Features: Carved Stone
Limestone Wall
Landscape Wall
Water Feature
Flower Bed
Flag Grouping
Year Completed: 1998

This plaza was added to the statehouse grounds in 1998 during a restoration of Capitol Square.  The plaza consists of several elements including a grouping of 88 flags, one for each county, two fountains, and a lawn area.  The most prominent parts of the plaza are the two large limestone walls with engraved letters from soldiers to their loved ones at home.

Key Details:

The inspiration for the plaza stemmed from a protest by two Vietnam Veterans in which they placed two hand painted 4′ x 8′ plywood sheets on the grounds to honor other Vietnam Veterans.  They were charged with trespassing and destruction of property but the charges were dismissed after a member of the legislature stepped in.  The temporary memorial was allowed to stand for awhile thereafter and eventually the legislature moved to build a permanent Veteran’s memorial on the grounds.  This became the inspiration for the letter walls.



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