Memorial to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence; The Mall, District of Columbia

Memorial to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence; The Mall, District of Columbia

Location: 38.89107875530979,
Park: Constitution Gardens
Neighborhood: The National Mall & Memorial Parks
Federal District: District of Columbia
Country: USA
Subjects: 56 Signers
Declaration of Independence
American Revolutionary War
Sculptor: Joe Brown
Features: Granite Sculpture
Granite Wall
Jurisdiction: National Park Service
National Park: National Mall & Memorial Parks
Year Completed: 1984
John Adams Samuel Adams
Josiah Bartlett Carter Braxton
Charles Carroll Samuel Chase
Abraham Clark George Clymer
William Ellery William Floyd
Benjamin Franklin Elbridge Gerry
Button Gwinnett Lyman Hall
John Hancock Benjamin Harrison
John Hart Joseph Hewes
Thomas Heyward Jr William Hooper
Stephen Hopkins Francis Hopkinson
Samuel Huntington Thomas Jefferson
Francis Lightfoot Lee Richard Henry Lee
Francis Lewis Philip Livingston
Thomas Lynch Jr Thomas McKean
Arthur Middleton Lewis Morris
Robert Morris John Morton
Thomas Nelson Jr William Paca
Robert Treat Paine John Penn
George Read Caesar Rodney
George Ross Benjamin Rush
Edward Rutledge Roger Sherman
James Smith Richard Stockton
Thomas Stone George Taylor
Matthew Thornton George Walton
William Whipple William Williams
James Wilson John Witherspoon
Oliver Wolcott George Wythe

This quaint memorial is located on an island within Constitution Gardens and identifies the 56 original signers of the Declaration of Independence.  An enlarged replica of each signature and a listing of their profession are engraved on large granite stones.  Many of the signers were involved in the Revolutionary War and, although there is conflicting historical information, many were considered traitors by the British and were harassed or persecuted.


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