Berlin Victory Column; Tiergarten, Berlin

Berlin Victory Column; Tiergarten, Berlin

Long Shot of the Berlin Victory Column
Berlin Victory Column
Photo: Civic Arts Project
Location: 52.51452331933266,
Locality: Tiergarten
Borough: Mitte
City: Berlin
State: Berlin
Country: Germany
Subject: Goddess Victoria
Danish-Prussian War
Unification Wars
Architect: Heinrich Strack
Artists: Moritz Schulz
Karl Keil
Alexander Calandrelli
Albert Wolff

Anton von Werner

Friedrich Drake
Features: Bronze Sculpture
Bronze Relief
Materials: Red Granite
Year Completed: 1873

One of the most notable monuments in Berlin, the column was originally built to celebrate Prussia’s victory in the Danish-Prussian war of 1864.  The monument took new meaning because of Prussia’s victories in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 and the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871 which occurred during the monument’s design and construction.  The addition of the large sculpture of Victoria on the top commemorates these wars which are now referred to as the ‘Unification Wars”.  The Column was largely untouched during World War II, but pockmarked scars are noticeable on the lower portions of the facade.

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