Kenyon College Middle Path; Gambier, Ohio

Kenyon College Middle Path; Gambier, Ohio

Location: 40.375369720958076,
Campus: Kenyon College
City: Gambier
State: Ohio
Country: USA
Length: 3500′
Year Built: +/- 1830
Features: Boulevard
Register No.: 99001686

This simple walkway is the central spine for the beautiful Kenyon College campus and helps to define its distinctive collegiate feel.

Key Details:

Middle path runs roughly 3500 feet from the historic Old Kenyon residence hall to the Bexley Hall art studio.  The path is sited in the middle of a three sided plateau which extends into the Kokosing River valley.  Most of the buildings on the southern end of campus are located near the edge of the plateau, providing great views out into the valley.  The path extends northward past Wiggins Street, the primary east-west street, and continues in a median between Chase and Gaskin Avenues, forming a boulevard.  The path terminates in a large green space that contains large trees, several large sculptures, and Bexley Hall.

Along the path are some of the best examples of Greek Revival architecture in Ohio.  The collection was added to the National Register of Historic Places as the ‘Gambier Historic District’ in 2000.

If You Go:

Middle Path is the primary orientation system for the Kenyon Campus and you should use this as orientation to the campus.  Most of the historic campus buildings as well as the Gambier town center can be accessed from the path.  Parking is available in the town center on public streets.


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