University Hall; Toledo, Ohio

University Hall; Toledo, Ohio

Location: University of Toledo Campus
Toledo, Ohio
Style: Tudor Gothic Revival
Architect: Mills, Rhines, Bellman, and Nordhoff Inc.
Height: 63 feet (main structure)
205 feet (bell tower)
Year Built: 1931
Cost: $2 Million

University Hall is the striking centerpiece to the UT campus and first established the limestone motif that all buildings since have followed.

Key Details:

Built in 1931, the building is constructed of limestone quarried from Wisconsin and Indiana.  The asymmetrical front facade is a characteristic of the Romantic ideal of rebelling against order.   The lace-like detailing of the clock tower is similar to those seen in the Gothic cathedrals of Europe.

The structure is built into a slope with the front (north facade) having a significantly higher entrance elevation than the back.  This emphasizes the main internal corridor within the building as well as exaggerates the already monumental bell tower when seen from Centennial Mall to the south.

The building footprint is actually somewhat of shaped like the number ‘8’ and has two internal courtyards which are accessed from the main internal corridor or from the Centennial Mall to the rear of the building.  The courtyards both contain a large tree and provide a green retreat for those using the building.

If You Go: 

University of Toledo has a number of impressive limestone buildings.  Centennial Mall features several permanent and temporary art installations which compliment the space and the University Hall itself.


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