Fountain of International Friendship; Berlin, Germany

Fountain of International Friendship; Berlin, Germany

Location: Alexanderplatz, Mitte, Berlin
Diameter: 46 meters (150 feet)
Area: 1660 Sq. meters (17,900 SF)
Height: 6.20 meters (20 feet)
Artist: Walter Womacka
Materials: Copper
Year Built: 1970

This impressively sized and brightly colored fountain is an important component of the reconstruction of this important public space within Berlin.

Key Details:

The fountain has a series of copper bowls which transition from high to low in a concentric pattern.  The main pool roughly at eye level and has a brightly color tiled outer wall with additional fountains mounted on the side.  The outer pool is roughly at seat height and is able to be touched by viewers from an adjacent seatwall.

If You Go:

Alexanderplatz is a major public space and transportation hub within Berlin.  Several major civic and cultural buildings are nearby including the 1,207 foot tall Fernsehturm.


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