Man Hanging Out; Prague, Czech Republic

Man Hanging Out; Prague, Czech Republic

Man Hanging Out; Stare Mesto, Prague
Photo: Civic Arts Project
Location: 50.08419473687163,
Neighborhood: Stare Mesto
City: Prague
Country: Czech Republic
Subject: Sigmund Freud
Artist: David Cerny
Size: 7’ tall (2.15 m)
Materials: Bronze colored fiberglass
Year Built: 1996

This unique sculpture in Old Town Prague depicts psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud hanging by a hand and pondering whether to hold on or let go.  It is an unexpected and eye-catching-if not disturbing-image in an otherwise sublime urban area.

Key Details:

Sigmund Freud was born in Frieburg which is now part of the Czech Republic.  Even during the most prolific times of his career, Frued suffered from a number of phobias including the fear of his own death.  Suffering from mouth cancer when he was 83, Freud had his close friend and doctor help him to commit suicide through administering morphine.

Artist David Cerny depicts Freud in this way to signify his constant struggle with fear of death.  Other interpretations suggest that the artist was personally challenging the status quo.

The sculpture became so popular that it was exhibited in other cities including London, Berlin, Rotterdam, Chicago, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Often mistaken as a suicide attempt, the sculpture has initiated calls to fire and police.

If You Go:

Man Hanging Out is in the ‘Stare Mesto’, or Old Town, section of Prague and is surrounded by richly detailed buildings, narrow streets, and cobbled plazas.  The sculpture is close to Old Town Square and other popular areas in Old Town.


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