Pennsylvania Station; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Station; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Alternative Names: Union Station, Penn Station
Location: Downtown Pittsburgh
Year Built: 1903
Architect: Daniel Burnham & Co.
Style: Beaux Arts
Materials: Terracotta, Brick
Register No: Station: 76001597
Rotunda: 73001587

Pennsylvania Station is a beautiful Beaux Arts structure which has served as a major gateway to the Steel City for the last 100 years.  The Daniel Burnham design currently serves Amtrak and has been repurposed for residential and office uses.

Key Features:

The incredibly detailed front rotunda of the station is breathtaking.  Terracotta reliefs adorn the columns and a massive glass dome beams soft light into the space.

The basement of the building now serves as the Amtrak waiting area and passengers must walk upstairs to the platforms and boarding area.  Hints of the building’s previous grandeur remain, but the passenger experience is nothing compared to what the station used to provide.

The upper floors of the building now serve as residential apartments and commercial office space.

If you go

The station is near the new David L. Lawrence convention center and within walking distance of the Strip District and the newly constructed Allegheny Riverfront Park.  With the exception of the Amtrak waiting area, the internal corridors of the building are not publicly accessible at this point.  The rotunda, however, is well worth the visit.


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