Licking County Courthouse; Newark, Ohio

Licking County Courthouse; Newark, Ohio

Location: Newark, Ohio
Year Built: 1878
Architect: H. E. Myer
Style: Second Empire1
National Register No. 73001496

The Licking County Courthouse is a beautiful historic courthouse located in the town square of quaint downtown.  The bordering mixed-use buildings create a well-defined central space and a cozy feel of the town square park which surrounds the courthouse itself.

Key Details:

The primary construction materials are limestone and sandstone, which create both heavily textured negative spaces as well as sturdy accent pieces.  There are 11 identical Lady Justice sculptures that accompany each entrance.  The large clock tower is centered in the symmetrical footprint and is on axis with Main Street, making it visually significant from much of downtown.

If You Go:

Downtown Newark has a distinctive charm with its colorful brick buildings, sturdy civic buildings, and classical gridded blocks.  The courthouse is easily accessible from the town square and several restaurants and small shops are within walking distance.



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